Load Sense bin tipper

The Load Sense bin Tipper is one of Auto Craft Engineering’s revolutionary projects for the waste collection industry.

NZ designed for NZ waste collection, this is the weigh of the future!!

The bin tipper is the only bin tipper of its kind currently in New Zealand that allows companies to weigh waste bins as they are tipped into the truck.

An optional bar coding system allows each bin user to be identified for accurate data collection. This information is recorded in the cab and can be transmitted to a central point.

By identifying weight of bins, you can:
1) Invoice users by loaded weight
2) Reduce underweight loads and financial losses per load
3) Reduce occurrence of fines for overweight vehicles
4) Better track your waste disposal processes

Significant progress has been made on managing and reducing waste in New Zealand but there is still more to be done. The Bin Tipper allows the waste industry to tap into the growing waste problem and recover costs


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